Discover the Best Luxury Brands and Models for Providence, Cranston, and Beyond

Luxury vehicles are fast becoming a staple for premium carmakers. Each significant player produces desired models for our Cranston customers. At Prestige Mitsubishi in Providence, we recognize that buying a luxury vehicle - be it a sports car or SUV - is a meaningful investment. Our team compiled this quick guide as a start when comparing which of the most popular luxury vehicle available suits you.

How to choose the right luxury vehicle - Considerations for buying

  • Your budget - How much are you willing to spend on financing the luxury vehicle now and in the future? Can you opt for a 'Buy Here, Pay Here option?' Do you have bad credit card financing? How about using a 'No Money Down Car Loan?'
  • What's your luxury vehicle: SUV, Sedan or a Sportscar
  • Fuel economy- Do you consider engine fuel types such as hybrid, diesel, or petrol engine on the luxury car sets? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?
  • Your drive type - How is the terrain around Warwick? Which wheel drive is sturdy enough? Is the extra expense for a 4-wheel drive worth it?

Best Rated Luxury Brands and Vehicles


The Lexus brand includes the RX, which presents the manufacturer's best value luxury SUV with an efficient V6 motor and hybrid engine as its drivetrain.

The RX further has feature tweaks updates with its 2020 model. The luxury SUV now has an advanced adaptive steering response, revised grill, power sunroof, and updated stabilizer bars.

The Lexus ES V6 comes through also as an impressive luxury sedan with an array of equipment and features like has infused touchpad infotainment control, Apple CarPlay, simulated leather upholstery, and Amazon Alexa interface integration.


Mercedes-Benz has its latest generation C43-Class delivering the best luxury car performance with its 385-horsepower twin-turbo engine and design variety. The C43 AMG has the standard features for luxury, including a sport-tuned brake and suspension system, dual climate control, synthetic leather seats, and a touchscreen infotainment system.

In its reviews, drivers around East Providence confess of loving the Mercedes GLS-Class 3.0-liter inline engine that can be upscaled to a formidable V8 4.0-Liter variant. The cutting-edge interior tech, three-row passenger comfort, and advanced powertrains make up part of its upscale as a luxury SUV option.


Nissan luxury subsidiary Infiniti inspires innovation and distinctive design traits with its luxury cars. The car brand expands Pawtucket drivers' pampering with the lineup of the QX50 as its new trim level. On performance, the QX50 runs on a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with variable compression technology. It allows the engine to produce 268 horsepower alongside the 280-pound of torque. As a top of the line model, this luxury SUV makes it standard for equipment such as heated seats, 360-degree camera system, parking sensors, cruise control, and adaptive lighting.


For its worth, Audi has the A8 running on either a 335bhp petrol or a 282bhp diesel engine. Both engines get the standard 4-wheel drive with a 48v electrical system to make it a half-hybrid luxury car.

The interior refinement present gives the driving an executive experience for the car. With the base trim, drivers get an infotainment system, climate control technology, adaptive air suspension, and smartphone integration with Android Auto performance.

The German manufacturer also has the Q7 as the top luxury SUV in its game. The vehicle has the latest tech and safety features, including parking sensors, collision warnings, GPS navigation, and an infotainment system.


Acura is another luxury car manufacturer offering unbeatable engine performance, adaptability, and mileage. Without exception, the Acura RLX remains the manufacturer's flagship ultimate luxury car sedan. For a start, the sedan has 310hp with its standard engine capacity. Its variable cylinder engine management is also a luxury consideration since it helps increase its engine durability and efficiency.

On the part of luxury, the make offers incredibly convenient comfort with its AcuraWatch safety features, smart all-wheel drive, advanced suspension system, and HandsFree Bluetooth infotainment.


The German manufacturer BMW boasts of having the BW 750 as one of its best full-size luxury sedans with a standard 523 horsepower engine with twin-turbo V8 features to add. You can expect the interior luxury include power sunshade, panoramic sunroof, infotainment system, leather upholstery, and drive aid safety technology.

The current BMW X5 model provides car owners with plenty of passenger luxuries like an iDrive system, digital touchscreen displays, sound systems, and excellent passenger expansion. Under the hood, the engine runs on a turbocharged six-cylinder capacity capable of 335 horsepower.


In the best luxury car category, the brand wins drivers with its Porshe Panamera model. The luxury vehicle has its standard 3.0-Liter 6-cylinder engine capable of 330 horsepower at its peak. Providence customers also get to enjoy Porshe's standard comfort and luxury features that include:

  • Leather upholstery
  • Interior infotainment with touchscreen
  • Active Suspension system
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Apple CarPlay functionality

For the luxury SUV category, Porshe comes in with one of the leading performance-oriented Suvs- the 2020 Cayenne. Porshe enthusiasts will love how the base model dashes at a robust 335 horsepower capability. Engine details aside, the Cayenne still impresses with its well-crafted interior and tech interfaces.


Then there's the quintissential Jaguar Brand. The new Jaguar sedan model- the XF Luxury sedan- showcases the manufacturer's sophistication and agility with the 2.0-Liter turbocharged engine producing 247 horsepower.

Inside, expect heated front seats, infotainment systems, a power sunroof, smartphone integration, and a climate control panel.

The Jaguar F-Pace is among the manufacturer's best luxury SUV models available in a slew of varying engines. For the base models, you will get a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

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