We've all experienced it before. You get into your vehicle, put the key in the ignition, and when you turn the key, nothing happens. Maybe a click or two. But it's clear that your engine is having trouble starting. And in most cases, it's caused by a dead or faulty battery. More often than not, your car won't be able to start because your battery is either dead or low on charge. Here at Prestige Mitsubishi near Providence, RI, we can help diagnose your car battery and get it fixed right away!

Car Battery Inspection & Replacement Services

To ensure your battery is working properly, the service experts at Prestige Mitsubishi proudly offer car battery inspection and replacement services. If your battery is dead or about to die, our team can help diagnose the problem and get you fixed up with either a quick recharge or a new replacement battery. Most batteries last between three and five years, so if you're nearing the end of your battery's lifespan, we recommend giving us a call to schedule a battery diagnosis appointment at our facility near Cranston, RI.

The Importance of Having a Strong Battery

Here at Prestige Mitsubishi, we urge the importance of having a strong battery because we know how stressful life can be when your car battery dies. Having a strong battery doesn't necessarily mean having a new battery, but it does require issuing some regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure your current battery is working properly. To help you self-diagnose the status of your car battery from your home in Warwick, RI, here are some helpful battery inspection tips:

Battery Diagnosis Tips

  • Check around the battery for any obvious signs of damage or corrosion. Inspect the battery terminals thoroughly and ensure each cable is tightened and properly secure. Look for any blue-green substances that could indicate signs of corrosion, in which case you'll want to get your battery cleaned out and re-installed.
  • If you have an electronic multimeter, you can check your battery's physical status by checking for adequate voltage. Using the handheld device, put the red lead to the positive terminal's copper wire and the black lead to the copper of the negative terminal. With your multimeter set to DC volts, you're looking for a reading of no less than 12.6 volts.
  • By putting a load on your battery, you can actually test to see if it's working properly. If you notice your headlights dim when you turn on the radio or the A/C unit, this is a sign that your battery might be working harder than it should. Keep tabs on what causes your battery to flare up or die down and be sure to relay this information to our service team if you perform this test at home before scheduling an appointment.

Battery Repair & Maintenance Near Pawtucket, RI

If you don't feel comfortable diagnosing your battery at home, we recommend calling our service team at Prestige Mitsubishi to schedule a battery inspection appointment. Our team of battery professionals offers routine inspection services, as well as repair and replacement of any old or defective battery. But don't wait! We want you to avoid getting into your car and discovering that your battery is dead before heading out for an important task. If you do decide to toggle with your battery yourself, we urge that you work cautiously and take all safety precautions as tampering with any type of electrical system can be dangerous.

Contact Us to Learn More

Please call or contact the service experts at Prestige Mitsubishi to schedule a time to have your car battery inspected. For more information and to get directions to our facility from your home in East Providence, RI, we're happy to help you when you need it most! We look forward to meeting you!

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