Prestige Mitsubishi Offers Car Brake Repair as Part of Our Comprehensive Auto Service

Auto repair remains one of those areas where a little diligence pays enormous benefits, and neglecting your car's care can cause expensive problems. Your braking system reflects the perfect example of this axiom; not only does neglect make repairs more expensive, but it can actually pose a safety hazard. Staying on top of auto service for your brakes doesn't have to take a lot of effort, as most repairs and maintenance follow an infrequent schedule. Do you need a brake inspection for a more confident commute in Providence, RI? We welcome you to Prestige Mitsubishi.

Why do Brakes Matter?

Every time you step on the brakes, you remove an infinitesimal amount of coating from your brake pads. Eventually, it wears down to the point that bare metal becomes exposed, causing the all too familiar squealing. Left long enough, this bare metal will start to gouge the rotors, requiring them to get resurfaced, an expensive repair. You will not have a set date to write on your calendar for brake pad replacement because it differs for every driver. Do you have a lot of stop-and-go traffic as part of your daily commute in Cranston? Do you have a habit of "riding the brake pedal" as you drive? Factors like these can cause your brakes to wear down much more quickly than a driver in a rural setting with little traffic and few stoplights.

Most Warwick drivers have a ballpark range of anywhere between 30,000 and 70,000 miles between brake pad changes, but your circumstances could cause you to fall outside of this wide range. We recommend that you pay attention to your brakes' performance to determine if you need to replace car brakes. Any change in brake effectiveness should warrant a visit to your auto service center, as it could indicate a leak in the hydraulic system or another safety issue.

What Kinds of Things Should Drivers Keep in Mind to Maintain Car Brakes?

That screeching noise you hear when pressing the brake pedal doesn't just prove annoying; it also remains your car's way of letting you know you should schedule car brake repair. Over time, brake dust can build up, causing a slight squeaking as you come to a stop. While the sound remains similar to the sound worn brakes make, it does not seem as loud and eventually goes away. The indication that you'll need to replace car brakes remains the harsh squealing of metal on metal that tells you your brake pads have worn away. Your system also needs fluid replacement every year or two to keep the fluid in prime condition for transferring the brake pedal pressure to the brake pads. If your system takes in air, that will need removing in a process known as bleeding your brakes.

Brake inspection remains a vital part of vehicle maintenance. Typically, your technician will check every part of your braking system, including the rotors and drums, bearings, pads, hoses, and fluid condition. They'll even take a look at your parking brake to ascertain if it remains in good working order for your Pawtucket commutes. Hopefully, everything will look as it should, but if not, your auto repair technician will have a solid understanding of what aspects of the system need updating.

We Can Help Keep Brakes in Working Order at Prestige Mitsubishi

Car maintenance doesn't have to feel like one more obligation you have to fit into a busy day when you book car care from Prestige Mitsubishi. We know keeping up with car brake repair, inspections, or fluid flushes can represent just one more thing to worry about, so we've improved customer care to make it easier for you to book appointments and drop off your vehicle.

Our Mitsubishi specialists focus on every aspect of car brake repair, from replacing brake pads to refreshing the fluid in your hydraulic system. We use Mitsubishi parts and adhere to the manufacturer's recommended practices, so you get the very best care whenever you visit our East Providence car maintenance facility. We welcome you to view our current and bring your car to our auto repair shop at your convenience.

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